Christine M. Gosch
😇We went out for happy hour on Thursday night. Service was great , for was very good. dessert was superb. atmosphere was wonderful. Pizza was great had a light and fluffy crust. Chicken wings favorable. Just a great place to enjoy a meal. 😁
Janet K.
So, whoda thunk that a pizza place would have the best wings and the best cheesesteak sub in town??? Well, count us gobsmacked...and count us super fans: We went to try the Nepal dumpling special. I've never had one and am adventurous to try new flavors. Neither of us was much in the mood for Italian so we decided to try the Pad Thai and the Cheesesteak. Then our very excellent waitress (thank you for taking such good care of us, Cristina) mentioned that Happy Hour was still in effect. I noticed that the wings were half price and decided to try the Sweet and Spicy. Well, all I can say is "wow" The wings are smoked for 4 hours then grilled. They were crispy with a mahogany char and the sticky sauce was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Shotti's has some serious competition! The cheesesteak was a shock too since I normally don't care for ciabatta bread. But this turned out to be a most unusual version of a cheesesteak sub. It was, in fact, a perfect sandwich with a perfect ratio of ingredients. The cheese turned out to be a secret proprietary blend and it was liquid silk. Spectacular! The beef was tender and perfctly cooked-and just the right proportion. I would go back just for that bread and cheese sauce. It was like the most delicious Rarebit ever! The Nepal dumplings-ironically enough-turned out not to be my cup of tea. The Pad Thai was nothing to wax poetic about. But the wings, the cheesesteak, oh my word, I will dream of these until we can return!!!
David F.
I wasn't enthusiastic about going to Squarz, but my wife wanted to try their specials: Nepalese dumplings; pad Thai. So we went, even though the menu looked pretty limited for those of us who don't like thick-crust pizza. I was blown away by how good our food was (not the dumplings: my wife wasn't crazy about the filling, and I only like crispy dumplings, not the soggy, steamed kind, which these were). We were in time for their happy hour specials, so we decided to order chicken wings. The wings had been smoked and then grilled (they don't fry anything) and had plenty of a spicy sauce. With that crispy skin and smoky flavor, I have to say that they are right at the very top of our list of great wings. I'd ordered before we got the wings, and so I'd been conservative and opted for a cheesesteak. Once again, blown away. The cheesesteak came on Ciabatta, which I generally don't like, but it was toasted and the balance of flavors was perfect. They have a cheese blend that produces a gooey cheese and a cheese sauce, and it alone was worth the price of admission on the crispy Ciabatta. There were mushrooms, onions, and peppers on the sandwich, but they were all sliced so thinly that they melded together with the meat and cheese to deliver a superbly delicious "bite." Without a doubt, this is my new favorite cheesesteak, even though it is a bit different from what I'm used to. This place also has a full bar and several local beers on draft; and to round out the positive experience, we had a wonderful server, Christina, who was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive without being intrusive. We spend most of the summer in OC, and so we will have plenty of opportunities to visit again for those great wings, and to try some of the other offerings. To paraphrase Arnold, we'll be back.
Lloyd M.
From start to finish great food The service was right on time and never had to ask for anything server always there when you needed anything
Geoff McIntyre
It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you need to go in and try it out. Delicious old-fashioned pizza villa style pizza! Pictured is the Center Square pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and hot banana peppers… paired well with an IPA draft from Burley Oak.
Cheryl Ren
We always make a point of stopping here when in Ocean City. We visit just before or just after the busy season and always have had great service and fantastic food, even after customizations due to dietary restrictions. The first visit Darren came out and talked to us about what he could do for us and it turned out great so we still ask for the same things. We like their homemade gluten free crusts so much we buy extras to bring home which turn out really nice too.
Jenna Hall-McNeilly
Had the mist amazing gluten free pizza !!!! Wow ! And the smoked bacon bourbon chicken wings are perfect ! Highly recommended!!
Kayla Hunter
Absolutely delicious!!! The most authentic pizza I've had in a while. Being gluten free and vegan, it's hard to find options, let alone tasty ones. Our server was very knowledgeable and accommodating, as I was able to get a gluten free crust and no cheese to meet my needs. It doesn't look like much from the outside of the strip mall, but it's like you're in a different place as soon as you walk in. Will absolutely be returning!